Deploying Undercover Agents

Argus has a specialized team for the undercover operations. With the advent growth of the corporate sector today, necessities such as deployment of undercover agents into corporations are increasing rapidly in the world.

Deploying undercover agents helps in investigating both an internal and external threat to a company. There may be certain conspiracies developing against your organization’s interests externally such as any criminal proceedings, corporate espionage, and loss of company’s assets. Similarly any kind of illegal activities might be taking place internally in your company, like pilferage of company secrets, thefts, and drug usage within the company premises, which may harm the goodwill of your firm.

                          Undercover Agents

By internally planting our undercover agents in strategic places of your organization. We’ll help keep an observant eye on the activities of your employees, investigate any suspicious behaviour and any other unusual happenings in the office. If any unethical activity is discovered by our agent, he/she will immediately report it to the management. Which will enable you to take swift and effective action against the activity and prevent it from causing any lasting damage.

There might be times when rival companies might try to take over your company, make moves for a merger or offer a partnership deal. These could pose an external threat to your organization. These external situations need to be thoroughly investigated so that you may not find yourself and your company’s interests in danger. Our agents help in investigating such external threats and give detailed reports to help you make informed decisions.

We also help improve a company’s internal security to safeguard the interests of the organization. We follow a strict approach to resolve the issues of corporate espionage.

We know the deployment of undercover agents can be a highly sensitive issue. Hence we give our assurance that our highly experienced and trained agents have the skills to blend in, keep confidentiality and discreetly investigate to help resolve all problems faced by our clients.