Matrimonial Verification

Getting married is one of the most important decision of our life. It’s a lifelong union and an almost irreversible commitment. Hence, it becomes extremely important to make some basic background check-up before getting into a marriage.

Matrimonial Investigation

In our present society, it isn’t uncommon to hide & manipulate details, to elevate oneself to get a better life partner. Such unhealthy practices not only result in a bad marriage. But once the truth comes out post-marriage, it might even lead to a divorce.

In order to avoid such painful situations. And to enable you and your loved ones to take an informed decision. We have devised a special pre-matrimonial screening package, which cover the following aspects:

Matrimonial Investigation
  • Character Verification
  • Family Background Verification
  • Past & present relationships
  • Normal Habits (Smoking, drinking & spending)
  • Education & Health background check
  • Financial & Social Status

We understand this to be a very sensitive matter. Thus undertake this task with utmost confidentiality; and at no stage would the other party become aware of being investigated. We have highly experienced and trained investigators to sleuth discretely.