Pre-Loan Sanction Verification

Today we live in a world of high costs and expenditure. With the ever increasing cost of living, doing any type of high capital investment like building a home, purchasing a vehicle or for our children’s higher education, we generally apply for a loan.

Loans today have become such an essential requirement for a general family’s long term planning and functioning. So, it is but obvious that few people would try to cheat the system by providing false information & credentials to have their loans sanctioned.

Argus’s pre loan sanction verification solution is for monetary lenders to verify their customers’ background and specially to do a thorough check of their past financial dealings before sanctioning of loans. Our verification techniques often involve a mixture of surveillance, credit checks, investigating their financial background and especially to verify the documents the customers present as assurance for loan sanctioning.

In our pre loan sanction verification we are able to provide solutions to various suspected loan frauds, including but not limited to:

Pre-Loan Sanction Verification
  • Home loan verification
  • Auto Loan verification
  • Business Loan verification
  • General Loan verification
  • Education Loan verification

We understand this to be a very important verification for both our client and their customers. Our dedicated agents will discuss the case with you, take all necessary details and instructions, present and explain any possible options and finally carry out the investigation before supplying you with the evidence to validate or disprove sanctioning of the loans.