Insurance Claim Investigation

Insurance claim fraud is an ever increasing problem being faced by insurance companies today. This rise in false insurance claims to get monetary benefits, is resulting in excess of costs being incurred by the insurance companies and thus leading to the insurance sector undergoing a loss. Although it is often clear that a fraudulent insurance claim has been presented, many are difficult to assess, and further evidence is generally needed before the insurance company is able to refuse a pay-out.

We at Argus have devised a special investigation plan to prove that a fraudulent claim has been submitted. By undertaking a discreet but thorough investigation of the claim, often involving a mixture of sleuthing, surveillance work and evidence collection; the claimants’ true situation can be uncovered. Should the application be fraudulent or dishonest, then with sufficient evidence of the facts provided by us, a false pay-out can be prevented.

Argus Insurance claim investigation are able to provide solutions to various suspected insurance frauds, including but not limited to:

Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Accidental insurance claims
  • Personal accidental injury claim
  • General personal injury claims
  • Health and medical claims
  • Property loss claims

We understand this to be a very sensitive matter. Proper proof, will help ensure the correct outcome of the claims are made and save our client from monetary losses. Our dedicated agents will discuss the case with you, take all necessary details and instructions, present and explain any possible options and finally carry out the investigation before supplying you with the evidence to validate or disprove a claim.