Employment Verification Services

Pre Employment Verification

Pre employment verification assists you to make more informed hiring decisions for your company. It ensures that you match the correct person to the right role in your organisation with confidence. A poor choice of employee can have potentially devastating impacts on your business’s integrity, profitability and functionality.

The statistics and surveys today, reveal that almost 50% of CVs provided while job interviews as being altered or faked. These resumes and candidates prove to be a harm for your company. Thus an employee background check helps make your hiring process highly accurate and smooth.

Employment Verification

Our background verification consists of:

  • Previous job credentials
  • Identity & credit check
  • Criminal records check
  • Educational Background check
  • Reference check

Post Employment Verification

Post employment verification, assists you to know the exact truth about your employee; while being in your employment or after they leave your organization. Be your employee an undercover agent pilfering company secrets or have nexus with the vendors or claiming for damages from you in court or simply not performing his job with honesty. We would verify everything.

Our employee background check is conducted in a convenient, cost-effective and legally compliant manner. In order for you to hire and retain top talent. We at Argus, collaborate with each client to develop a background verification program which supports their employee related objectives and requirements.

We understand employment verification is a very important requirement of an organisation. Thus undertake this task with utmost thoroughness and confidentiality. We have highly experienced and trained investigators to sleuth discretely.