Corporate Investigation

In today’s fiercely competitive world, corporate knowledge and security is a highly valued entity for your business. Fraud, corruption, misrepresentation and misappropriation of data, government regulatory requests and resources threaten every industry today. They adversely affect profits, illegally alter competitive landscapes, and weaken companies.

Planning to enter into a joint venture or a partnership; diversify your business or need rival companies business portfolio? Dependable credit, functionality and ethical status information about potential business ventures is indispensable when making decisions about the future of your company.

Argus’s Corporate Investigation services provides you with an array of comprehensive analytical tools and investigation reports to help safeguard your firm from all kinds of corporate issues and pitfalls. We provide you with valuable insights into the industry and corporate dangers, which would help you to make informed decisions about your business. The contents of our investigation include but are not limited to:

Corporate Investigation
  • The basic data about a company’s structure and credentials
  • Background & history of a company
  • Corporate espionage
  • Information about the top brass of a company’s management
  • Information about the past & present business activities of a company
  • Any difficulties which may arise in the future of a company
  • The financial and risk analysis of a company or industrial sector
  • An overall comprehensive review of a company

Our experienced specialists possess the financial acumen, forensic accounting and investigatory skills, and technological know-how to conduct effective corporate investigations customized to the needs of our client. We undertake our investigation with utmost sincerity, confidentiality and discretion to attain all the corporate objective requirements of our client.