Screening of Children Activities

Today our children are exposed to a world of internet, smartphones & multimedia. With education so vital, our children even travel to distant universities. If not given proper guidance and they come under the influence of bad company. Friends or "online friends" could influence our kids into bad habits such as drugs, gambling, smoking and drinking.

Parents, who are worried about the activities of their children or about the company they keep, must take precautions. It is better to know immediately if your child is being led astray. Rather than finding out on a later date, under more painful circumstances.


Screening of children activities would be a good way to ensure your child’s safety. It is all about keeping tabs of your children’s activities. It would include when he/she is leaving from home, whom he/she is meeting, where they are going, how they are spending time with their friends and all other relevant details.

We understand this to be a very sensitive matter. Thus undertake the task with utmost confidentiality; and at no stage would the other party become aware of being investigated. We have highly experienced and trained investigators to sleuth discretely.